Advantages of Article Marketing

There are several advantages to getting through the article marketing process.

1) Self Promotion

Most authors submit articles to drive traffic to their websites. The goal is to get as many relevant back links as possible.

2) More Permanent Link

When you write an article and place a link in this article and publish to other site it will remain more permanent as compare to buy link. When you rent a link on a third-party website, that link is given for as long as you are willing to keep paying for that link. Links placed with articles tend to have lives as lengthy as the life of the website.

3) Increase Page Rank

By the nature of links created through article marketing, all articles and their accompanying links will begin life on a new page with a zero Page Rank. We can gain link through article marketing up to PR6 with out any other effort.

4) Article Placement Range

Articles distributed and published on a wide range of websites, on different topics, and located around the world. Some time a good article translated into different languages and placed in different countries extension domains.

5) Target Deep Links

While some sites will limit the total number of links to one, with each article, it is advantageous to include deep links to deep pages on your target website pages when you have the opportunity to do so.

6) Prefer Posted Link

In a perfect article, the human reader of the article will reach the end of the article and want to know more about the author of that article. When the human sees the author's personal biography, if the bio is written well, the human reader will prefer to follow the link to the author's website.

7) Improve Search Position

Article marketing increases the link building. When your Page Rank increase then you search engines result position automatically boost up.

8) Anchor Text Give Value

Some article contains target keywords in the anchor text of the link. These keywords links are of a higher value, non-keywords anchor text links still hold some value in the search engine algorithms.

9) Create Author Bio

Create an authors bio that will go at the bottom of each article. You will need to create your bio so that you get maximum benefit. This means you should have a link back to your website and a statement of your expertise.