Article Writing Vs Blogs Writing

Article Writing

Article is well written, encompassing a beginning, middle and end. All the needed information is included within the body of the article. An article may be more difficult to write than a blog post, but once written it can be placed in many different directories with the knowledge that it will get a lot of exposure. Articles, if well written, will be picked up and posted on websites, thus increasing the search engine traffic and the links back to your own site.

By depositing the articles in numerous article directories, other webmasters looking for content for their own websites pick up the articles and post them on their own space. This, in turn, creates backward links to the article authors own website where the product or service can be purchased. These backward links help to create popularity in search engines making a specified product or service even easier to find.

Blog Writing

Blogs, on the other hand, are more informal. Each entry is generally shorter than article length and rarely offers complete information. Readers expect blogs to be updated regularly and they don't expect to find long posts or complete information in a single post. Yet, blogs are becoming extremely popular and many webmasters are looking at them as a new way of increasing site popularity and sales.


it's difficult to say that which is better? It depends on what you are trying to say and who your target audience is. The web is filled with all types of readers-those that like their information in small nuggets and those that want to make a truly informed choice. Possibly the best choice for webmasters is to do a combination of both.

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