Local Business Listing

The Local Business Listings (LBL) is a mini page or website for your local business - it's also a place where visitors can learn more about your business or company in the area where you do business. It's look like a local directory where people can find information about local businesses and companies, as well as businesses anywhere in the world. All important search engines are providing Local Business Listing to all local business in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
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Google Local Business Listing

Google, Yahoo, Bing are providing free local business listing.  Local Business Center gives you the most control over the way your business listing appears in Google Maps.

Google gives extra worth if you will consider the following point during your business listing

1. Photos - They only recently they allowed this. Add as many photos as you can and a company logo.
2. Multiple Reviews - It’s important that these be from real customers. Positive reviews give you more worth to come up in top in Google local search listing. Don’t fake them either, it’s easy to see. Just as with Amazon, people trust products with lots reviews that have kept above three stars.
3. Use Keywords in Company Description – It’s most important when you describe your business description. Your top business keyword should be in your business description.
4. Use Keywords in Company Name - Don’t be deceptive by changing your company name, but if your keywords are in the extended business name or LLC, make sure this is the name in which you register.
5. Add a Coupon – Google allows printable coupons to be added by your listing. Its also plus point to appear in top in Google Local Business Listing.
Add these elements to your Google Local Business Listing and you are sure to be in the top ten.
6. Create links to the listing – Add a link from your homepage to the listing and encourage current customers or website visitors to review your company.
7. Add Videos- If your company already has videos on YouTube you can place them right there on the page.

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