Keyword research

Keyword ResearchKeyword research should be the first step in any process that involves optimizing and marketing your website through the search engines. Keyword research is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful search engine optimization and marketing campaign. Proper keyword research and selection helps establish your online marketing efforts. The keywords you choose will power your search engine optimization, sponsored ad campaigns, link building campaigns, press releases and more. Before you begin any of these marketing efforts you must have already determined what core terms your site will be built upon and what keywords will fuel your online marketing efforts.
Each search engine marketer has their own preferences when it comes to keyword research tools - the tools discussed in this article as follow.

1) WordTracker Tools

Wordtracker is definitely one of the old favorite and easy to use when it comes to keyword research. With its statistics coming from meta-search engines only, Wordtracker compiles a massive database of keywords and phrases which online users search for. Wordtracker's related keyword facility will expose you to related key phrases you'd never even considered.
Wordtracker an extremely user friendly tool displays results beautifully - the number of searchers conducted per keyword per day, the keywords which compete with it. Before buy this tool you can try out the free trial. but remember that this is just a small taste of what Wordtracker can do for you.

2) Google Keyword Analysis Tools

Google keyword tool allows you to build extensive, relevant keyword lists from one easy, simple interface. Google keywords tool used for Google Adword campaign and as well as website keyword research. Before starting the Google Adword campaign advertiser can analysis the target keywords. Generate keyword lists, review traffic estimations for existing and new keywords, and add your keywords directly into your ad groups from the same page. You can combine the relevant keywords you get with one another or with your existing keywords to make them more specific. Google recently added new features to the Google keyword sandbox that make this tool one of the best in the category.

3) Yahoo Keyword Suggestion Tools

The Yahoo! Keyword Selector Tool is a re branded Overture keyword tool with one difference. Simply enter a relevant keyword into the box. The system will provide a list of other suggested keywords. YSM displays a monthly search volume- the number of searches the keyword received across the Yahoo network in the last month. This data is updated at the end of each month and is usually available by the 10th of the next month.
Now this is the most useful feature. Unlike Overture, Yahoo keyword selector also displays Estimated Clicks - how many clicks you can expect to get over a month using a standard click-through rate of 5%. This value is actually based on the clicks received by an average of the top three positions. Overture does not separate out plural and singular versions of keywords.