Top Factors to Effective SEO

About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the process by which you set up your web page so that it can be recognized by the Google Bot and can be indexed.  You need to begin by setting up some things on the site for Google which need to be made clear on your page. Ten years ago an algorithm was created, named Hilltop, and its function was to identify the significance and see whether the web page is relevant or not. Moreover, it also differentiates between expert page and an authority page. What makes a page an expert page is that it has a lot of out bound links. An authority page will have a link pointing at it because it provides distinctive information.  Google’s Sandbox is what monitors the ranking of a web page’s filters. This is only for the sites that have just been indexed. Once your web site goes into the sandbox it does not get indexed by Google and this may persist for the next six to twelve months. Yet not every site goes to the sandbox and whether it exists or not is just a postulation. If you want to optimize your site then you should add some on page SEO factors. If you utilize some basic factors and incorporate them into your site then you may become a successful SEO professional within a year.

Excellent Content

Concentrate on the content of your page and remember some of these simple yet key factors. Keywords should be included in the following:

Make use of head tags like h1 and h2. In addition, remember to regularly update the content of your page and make it unique. Creating a good quality site map for the page’s search engine can also be a helpful.

Creating Links

When creating links to your page, it important to keep few things in mind. There should be many links to your website. Try to get links from High PR websites, and be attentive to the content of the site to which you are linking. Keeping in mind the keywords when someone else links to your page is also essential. Note the time when you get links, a good time is usually more than three months. An exchanged link has less value compared to a unidirectional link. It is better to limit the times you link to other pages. Use DMOZ or the Yahoo directory as a few of the main directories to submit your website link.

Essential things to avoid

Try avoiding few things and remember, the worst thing to do is to hide the content of your page, and reptile the search engine. Do not exchange links with sites that are hosted on the same IP address. Moreover, also do not exchange link with websites that contain adult content, or has anything to do with drugs and gambling. Furthermore, avoid duplicating your content and do not give a short time to your domain name. Also avoid joining links farm. Do not constantly change the design of your website or make a copy of an existing site.

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