Top SEO Common Mistakes

It has become more important than ever to point out the common mistakes and misunderstandings that occur due to the wrong information available about search engine marketing. Below is a list of the most important issues that can either make or break the search engine optimization and marketing strategy of a web site.

Use of less "Search Friendly" Content.

There are many sites that people build on but do not contain any actual content that can be categorized as in a search engine index. A search engine will over look those pages that have a lot of graphics, flash, or bells. Based on the text on a page a search engine will determine its value.  A site that can be said to be truly optimized would ideally contain 200 words of keyword-dense text. There should also be content that has keywords which match the title of the page.

Lacking Link Popularity

One of the ways that search engines qualify text that is shown in a search result is by a tracking number and the quality of the incoming links to a website. Higher rankings are given to those pages that have more incoming links from quality sites. Services that offer links to tons of other sites are considered as spam or “link farming” and such sites get low rankings.

Insufficient Keyword Research And Updates

It is probable that you will not know what keywords people are using to look for your site. Say you spend all your efforts on making “peanut butter” your key phrase to search. This has two negative effects. The first is that it is such a broad keyword that it will produce thousands of results. Or what else happens is that the keyword is highly unpopular and is hardly ever used. For this reason you need to find a target keyword used by your audience and incorporate it into your title and the content.

Designing should come First, Optimizing Later

Design of a site is very important and the flow of information. Your viewers will lose interest due to these reasons.

Depending On Paid Search Advertising

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can buy keywords that people use without optimizing your site for search engines. If your site is properly optimized you can avoid spending a lot of money on internet advertising.

Use of Graphics For Text Links

The problem with graphic links is that search engines cannot tell whether it relates to a certain page or link. The simple solution is to use plain text on the webpage, it can be used somewhere at the bottom of the page.

Use of Frames

A site with a lot of frames tends to be left un-indexed by search engines since it simply cannot understand that frames. Regular internet users avoid sites with frames altogether.

Splash Pages

An index page with a lot of graphics does not contain much text. There is a lack of content that can be indexed, and therefore it should be avoided.

Submitting To 10,000 Search Engines

There are only a hand full of search engines that account for 90% of web traffic. The rest is generated by people typing in URL’s into the address bar. Do not waste your time or money because the total amount of viewers that are generated by Mega-Search Submittal services are highly negligible.

Above mentioned are only the top nine mistakes commonly made by experts, however there are a lot of other blunders that are usually made while writing SEO friendly content. To find out more about SEO related problems please visit