Who is SEO Guru

Who is SEO GuruWho is SEO Guru? We are mostly listening from different people in Search Engine Marketing community that I am web guru or I am SEO guru. If we consider in practical and education experience wise then SEO Guru is a most super degree and every one want prove on every field as a SEO Guru. To show himself as a SEO Guru there need a lot of struggle in your own specific field If we will categories then we will see here three types of SEO experts or SEO Guru available in online marketing field.

  • SEO Master
  • SEO Teacher
  • SEO Guru

SEO Master

First one who get knowledge from practical person that have only SEO practical knowledge, That type of SEO experts called SEO Master not a SEO Guru because they only know the practical implementation not a theoretically.

SEO Teacher

Second type of SEO experts only have and get SEO knowledge from theoretically not a practically. That kind of SEO experts called SEO Teacher not a SEO Guru, because he can teach SEO technique very well but practical not well strong.

SEO Guru

Third type of the SEO experts has both type of knowledge practically and theoretically. Those kinds of the SEO experts are actual SEO Guru because he has fully command on all kind of SEO technique.

If any person says that I am SEO Guru then we should focus on that is it actual SEO guru or just saying.